4 Quick Ways to Meditate


One thing that comes forward consistently for my clients in a message from an angel or guide is that they need to meditate. Everyone knows the many benefits of meditation, but in our crazy, crazy world, it can seem like a big time commitment. I understand this, and I would love to share my tips on how to incorporate quick meditation into your daily life.

youtube_logo1-gif_480_480_0_64000_0_1_0One resource that has been super helpful for this is YouTube! I always thought of meditation has a huge time commitment, but on YouTube, they have guided meditations that are as short as two minutes long, or others that go on for hours! I use the shorter ones during a lunch hour with my iPod, when I am traveling or just to have in the background. My personal favorite accounts include The Honest Guys and Lisa Beachy. For meditation music I love the Soothing Relaxation account, and I will list links below. What I love about the guided meditations is the fact that they are so custom-fit; you can focus on a particular chakra or an angel meditation.

himalayan-salt-sole-crystal-chunks-247x300 Meditating in the shower! I keep a Himalayan salt crystal in my shower and I hold it and just visualize any bad energy coming off of me, and this takes up to a minute! Super quick and beneficial!


At my hair salon, I was getting my hair washed, enjoying the moment, and realized that this was some form of meditation too! Even if you spend five quiet moments in your day, that is a form of meditation. Ever since the salon experience, I try to incorporate some meditation in daily tasks, such as waiting in line at the store, and I have found myself to be much more grounded.

Exercise! Doing some form of Yoga or Pilates is so healthy for you in the long-term and also helps you focus on your body in a holistic way. Doing this at least three times a week will help ground and center you! It is super beneficial even if you are only able to devote a few minutes to the practice daily.

I know this blog post is super short, but it is something I get asked about frequently so it is something I wanted to share. Let me know if these tips help at all!


YouTube Accounts Mentioned:

The Honest Guys: http://bit.ly/1OpSKW6

Lisa Beachy: http://bit.ly/2iNQuxF

Soothing Relaxation: http://bit.ly/2hBsgJz



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