“Such a lovely lady. Very accurate about everything. All I can say is she is phenomenal and very gifted. Very tuned into the energies around anyone in question and will do her best to explain everything to you. She’s been a true blessing to me and I am forever grateful.” -Jennifer M.

“Simone, You picked up on so many things about this particular person you are so gifted. I love it! this reading was so great I am still amazed. I am coming for another reading 🙂 Thanks!” -T.L.

“Great reader! She picked up on a lot of things that I did not tell her and understood my situation. Loved that the reading had a lot of information and she is a very caring reader as well.”-Bonny

“Amazing readings! I have done two so far. One for deceased pet and one living. Both are very spot on with details that only I could have known. Although I believed in animal communication in the past, I still had some skepticism, but Simone’s reading really convinced me further to have faith and believe. It’s real. Thanks Simone” -D.J.

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