Angel Detox by Doreen Virtue Book Review and Doreen’s Detox Tips

Angel Detox by Doreen Virtue Book Review and Doreen’s Detox Tips


This book focuses on “taking your life to a Higher Level through releasing emotional, physical, and energetic toxins. ” I have to admit that I have been weary of some wellness books, and I never really found one that I felt a connection with,  or  a sense of urgency to apply the principles to my life. This book totally changed that for me because it is so holistic! I would love to share some tips that are in the book!

It begins with nourishing your physical body, provides detox plans and how to detox your home and energy. Doreen says that detox is “the process of removing unhealthy substances and energies from your life.” I think we can agree that our  present view of detoxing tends to be primarily rooted in food, but this book really explains and justifies the need for detox in every aspect of our lives. I will list some of Doreen’s suggestions from the book on how to begin an angel detox below:

Detoxing the Physical Body 

  • General food: Natural, fresh and organic food is truly the best for your body. They are free of negativity and work at a high vibration, and will give your body a sense of vibrancy after regular consumption.
  • Processed Foods/Caffeine: Avoiding processed foods since they do not offer your body nutrients, and can lower your vibration. This includes coffee, which is the hardest thing for me to give up! I have found replacing my coffee with tea helps, and I love the Yogi Vanilla Spice and Sweet Tangerine energy teas.
  • A plant-based diet is ideal, but if you are inclined to consume meat or dairy, it is best to purchase local products and blessing and thanking the animal. This raises the vibration of what you are consuming.
  • Drinking purified water: Drinking water is something everyone needs to do! This helps make your energy flow freely though your body. Doreen suggests that natural spring water is the best for your body, since it does not contain harsh chemicals like tap water may. Purchasing a water filter is a great idea, and adding Dead Sea Salt will add natural minerals and electrolytes.
  • Avoiding fluoride: We encounter fluoride in our toothpaste and it is best to have a chemical-free toothpaste. Fluoride is a toxin that can affect the thyroid and brain, and is unfortunately in water supply.
  • Vitamins: Making sure you are using vegetarian and gelatin- free capsules! I found my energy levels changed for the better when I switched from capsules that had gelatin in them to vegetarian.
  • Healthy oils: Use organic extra-virgin olive oil. Other oils may have counterfeit oils and mark them as olive oil, so be sure to check the ingredients. Raw or virgin coconut oil. This multi-use oil has been heavily featured on social media as an amazing oil to cook with and for beauty purposes.

Detoxing Emotions and Energy

  • Archangel Meditations: clearing away negativity, cutting etheric cords that no longer serve you and chakra alignments, the list could go on! These meditations can be found on YouTube, by simply typing in guided archangel meditation.
  • Healing crystals: I prefer amethyst, since provides protection from toxic energies, but clear quartz is awesome for any detox, green stones (emerald, malachite,etc.) have healing benefits and rose quartz is truly beneficial for emotional healing.
  • Connecting with nature: Nothing heals like being out in nature! Even if it is simply sitting on your porch for a few minutes!
  • Sea Salt Bath: This is a popular method for detox any negative energies. Simply put one cup of salt (Dead Sea, Celtic, Himalayan or Atlantic) in the bath, release your fears and concerns, and enjoy soaking for 15 minutes.
  • Journaling or Dream journal: This can be done with the classic pen and paper, or in a digital format. I prefer to do a pen to paper list format, by making a list of situations or people I would like to release. I also try to maintain a dream journal! Right now I am in the process of developing a printable dream journal that will be available through my Etsy store for you to print and keep in an A5 or Personal Size planner!
  • Aura Sprays: I love these! They help instantly uplift an aura! My favorite is the Momoko Therapeutics “Towards the Within” Smudge Spray! This can also help smudge your house or room for a daily cleanse!
  • Detoxing from Electronics: This one is hard! Especially for me, since I have my beloved Kindle with me at all times! But it is healthy for you to detach from electronics, even if it is just for an hour a day.

Detoxing the Home

  • Avoiding BPA in plastic bottles: I think this one is one everyone’s mind! We know that BPA (A chemical used to make plastics stronger) is linked to health concerns, so it is best to drink water from glass bottles or purchase BPA free products (they should be labeled as such, if not, do not purchase).
  • Canned food: BPA is also present in canned food, and this leaches into and contaminates the food. Doreen says that the brand Amy’s Kitchen guarantees that their canned food is BPA free. I have not found another brand that claims this, so I have only purchased Amy’s Kitchen canned products since reading this book, and it honestly has a fresher taste!
  • BPA free toothbrush: This is one I never thought of, but for something we use (hopefully) twice a day, this makes sense! The brand Preserve is BPA free!
  •  Fluorescent lighting: Try to limit your exposure to fluorescent lighting, it can confuse your sleep cycle. If you are a sensitive person, you may have noticed that this type of lighting can cause headaches and fatigue. I felt this, and switched to using soft and gentle lamps and not using the overhead lights. Even with this subtle change, I feel more focused!
  •  Cleaning products: Switching from chemical-based cleaning products to natural cleaning products: I feel like this is a big topic right now. Using natural-based cleaning products is cheap and healthy for the environment! Essential oils works wonders for this, since each oil offers different healing properties. I am passionate about natural-based cleaning products for the home, so I will make a blog post focusing on that topic.
  • Using a humidifier: This makes such a difference! I just purchased my first humidifier in June, and it makes such a difference! The air in my home feels cleaner and I have noticed a decrease with allergies!
  • Unsafe cookware: Aluminum is highly toxic, and while Teflon pans are very popular (I used to be a big Teflon fan) they often contain aluminum under the Teflon coating. The safer tools to cook with are: stainless steel, ceramic, glass, clay  and a classic cast iron.
  • Fresh flowers or plants: I am researching this more in-depth with detox plans  myself! But fresh flowers in a home have always uplifted my mood! They help provide positive energy to a home, and some indoor plants improve air quality as well.


Honestly, this book is so amazing and goes into so much more depth and is so uplifting to read! It is without a doubt a must-have for anyone and everyone!

Another valuable resource I discovered within this book is:

This site is a database where they rate a product based on if the product has any hazardous ingredients.It is a super valuable source to check up on the rating of products you already have, or if you are looking for less toxic products.

Here are all the products I mentioned and where you can find them:

  1. Angel Detox, by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves, N.D.
  2.  Amy’s Kitchen Canned Food (also available where organic food is sold)
  3. Preserve Plastic Free Toothbrush
  4. Yogi Vanilla Spice Tea
  5. Yogi Sweet Tangerine Tea
  6. Momoko Towards the Within Smudge Spray
  7. Humidifier

What are some wellness books that you love? Or, share some of your detox tips!

I hope you found this helpful!

Best wishes,